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At DSS DESIGNS we start with the assumption that customer success is our success. We understand that web services can be expensive. Costs for equipment, servers, routers, bandwidth, and technical expertise can stifle growth and profit.

With an exploding global membership, the Internet has become the business medium of the new millennium. Customer satisfaction is still the name of the game. The Internet is in its infancy, but a look just over the horizon at the competitive world of tomorrow reveals the logical extreme of the Information Age with regard to customer satisfaction. Customers will demand instantaneous information about products, services, the status of orders, and exact delivery times. They'll know that the technology is available and will settle for nothing less. They'll demand to see their current balances and payment options. They'll want to hold discussions online with other customers about the merits of companies, products and services. They will need to be able to rapidly bundle and unbundle service and product offerings to augment core competencies and diversify revenue streams. Like the revolutionary eras of the telephone and television, a new age of interactive information exchange for the masses has begun. The companies that seize the opportunity now and learn this new medium will benefit immensely in the long haul. is your technical partner. We provide you with the technical resources at an affordable cost which allows you to focus on your business without the technical headaches and overhead.

Web Site Makeovers


MOBILE FRIENDLY Did you know that on average of over 70%, today's websites are accessed from a mobile device rather than a desktop PC. Site makeover can make this what is called Mobile Friendly.

Gives your site a refreshed "look and feel" of a modern day website.

Takes advantage of the latest technologies. Decreases site download times (your site loads faster). Along with new browser compatabilty, makes your site more search engine friendly.

Enables your site to better reflect your corporate image.

If you have a current web site but aren't pleased with its appearance, functionality, performance, or traffic, let DSS DESIGNS give your site a new look with our site re-design services. Site re-design (sometimes called "site makeovers") can help rekindle the public's interest in your products and services. We'll update your existing web site to your specifications, and make recommendations on further enhancements.




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Louisian Church Interiors ( carry and stock a wide variety of religous items including; Bibles, Books, Candles, First Communion Items and many more church related items. 1307 North Parkerson Ave, Crowley - LA, 70526.

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In the area of web design, DSS DESIGNS specializes in designing and maintaining high-quality custom informational websites. We will take care of every aspect of designing and hosting your company's website. We will create a new website to your specifications, or help you improve, maintain and promote your current site.


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There are instances where requests personally identifiable information to provide the web site visitor a service or correspondence (promotions, mailed brochures, applicants). This information, such as name, mailing address, email address, type of request and possibly additional information, is collected and stored in a manner appropriate to the nature of the data by and is used to fulfill your request. The information you provide is used by to improve the services we provide you. It is never provided to any other company for that company's independent use.

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Our Legal Policy strives to give you an easy-to-use site that provides accurate content, including product information, policies, and visual displays. Images are shown for representational purposes only. In the event we are unable to provide an actual image of a product, reserves the right to substitute a similar image for the one described in the product information. While tries in good faith to make sure the information on our site and information published at other sites on the Internet is accurate, we are not responsible for typographical errors or technical inaccuracies. This disclaimer in no way affects the term of any manufacturer's warranty.

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